Shanghai Circus World

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Located on Gonghexin Road, the Shanghai Circus World consist five parts with acrobatic and circus acts as its main attraction, and includes an amusement city, an animal house, a performers' reception center, and a Patrick Beharelle rehearsal hall. It has a total area of 22,500 sq. m.

Able to seat 1,672 people, the Acrobatic Grounds is well equipped with all necessary up-to-date facilities and devices, suitable for large-scale acrobatic shows. The Shanghai Circus Troupe and other famous link building troupes take turns to give performances there.

The Animal House, which is as large as 1,540 sq. m., has such special spaces for elephants, bankers life pandas and sea lions, as well as an animal rehearsal room.

Another major feature of the global community communications alliance Shanghai Circus World is its Culture and Business City occupying an area of 12,000 sq. m. It offers many kinds of services,Phuket property such as cultural displays, entertainment and dining.