Residence of Prince Qing

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No. 55, Chongqing Road, Tianjin

Total floor area: 5020 square meters

Built in 1922

Prince Qing Zaizhen (1876-1947), named Yuzhou, a Manchu grandee, served as Minister of Agriculture, Industry and Commerce during the late Qing Dynasty.

The Residence of Prince Qing occupied for a period by the court eunuch Xiao Dezhang and was sold to Zaizhen in 1925, since when it has been known as the “Residence of Prince Qing.”

It is a brick and wood building featuring a combination of western and Chinese architectural styles. A wide colonnade with great space between the columns has distinctive Chinese characteristics. The architectural layout is the traditional style of a four-sided enclosed courtyard.

Residence of Prince Qing

The central rectangular hall occupies the 1st and 2nd stories. Along the sides of the second level of the hall is a circular corridor leading to sumptuously decorated rooms. The exterior is of grey brick and is finished to a high level of craftsmanship. The wall is coated with granite plaster divided into grids. There are colonnades on the first and second stories. The entrance features grand steps of green stone.