Research in Transgenic Goat

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the Transgenic goat in China

There was a special milk goat at the Shanghai Fenxin Animal Experiment Lab. This goat's milk carried cruor gene IX active protein needed by haemophilia patients. With special purifying technology, the protein would be turned into medicine to treat haemophilia. This marked a breakthrough in the research of transgenic goat. The news was announced by Professor Zeng Yitao, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, at a meeting of the Academic Committee of National Key Experiment Labs held at the Shanghai Medical Heredity Research Institute.

"Research in Transgenic Goat," was a project conducted by the Shanghai Medical Heredity Research Institute. With cooperation of the Heredity Research Institute of Fudan University, the Shanghai Medical Heredity Research Institute started the project in the spring of 1996, having conducted experiments in 119 goats. Five transgenic goats were found to carry cruor gene IX active protein, and one of them was mature enough to milk.

It is a new type of production to make protein and medicine from transgenic animals. The target gene is transplanted into the body of an animal and integrated with the animal's own genes. The end product of the target gene is discharged through breasts. The transgenic is hereditable.