Pu Shouchang

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Pu Shouchang

Pu Shouchang (浦寿昌), born in 1922, is one of the main founders of the Translators Association of China (TAC). He is the former secretary of the premier Zhou Enlai (from 1954-1965), deputy director of the Policy Research Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, vice foreign minister, and adviser at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

He played an important role during the four consecutive Councils of TAC, serving as the vice president of the 1st and 2nd councils. As a leading figure of the association, he dedicated himself to building the organization and fostering more academic exchanges. He promoted the establishment of the Committee of Foreign Affairs Translation and served as its first director.

In 1987, Pu, for the first time in China, led a delegation to the FIT World Congress, during which China became a member state. This laid the foundation for the TAC's future international exchanges.

He received the Outstanding Contribution to Translation Industry Award at the Second National Translation Conference in Beijing on Dec. 6, 2012.