Po Lin Monastery

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Po Lin Monastery is located on Lantau Island in Hong Kong. It consists of the Mahavira Hall, the Maitreya Hall, the Veda Hall, the Prajna Hall, the Sutra-Collection Hall and other impressive structures. In the Maitreya Hall are enshrined three Buddhas—Sakyamuni, Dipamkarara and Maitreya.

Climbing the 268 steps to a platform, there a majestic figure of seated Buddha. It is about 34 m high and weighs 250 tons. Unveiled in 1993, the statue with its pedestal covers an area of about 2,339 sq m. The pedestal consists of the three-storied Gongde Hall, the Fajie Hall, and the Sakyamuni Memorial Hall.

Po Lin Monastery, Hong Kong