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Chinese artist Pan Song (潘松)

Pang Song (潘松) is associate Professor in Plastic Art School, Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology. He is also a member of China Artists Association. His works of art has won many awards at home and abroad.

Born in 1972 in Anhui Province, China

Now Associate Professor in Plastic Art School, Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology


BA Decorative Sculpture Department, the Central Academy of Craft Art, 1993 --- 1997

MA Sculpture Department, the Academy of Arts and Design of Tsinghua University (former Central Academy of Arts and Design), 1998 --- 2001

Social activities

Director of Art Creation Department, China Sculpture Institute

Member of China Artists Association

Member of Supervising Committee for Beijing 2008 International Sculpture Exhibition



Nord Art 2011 Exhibition, Germany.

Tangible Rhythms – NCPA Sculpture Invitational Exhibition, Beijing. The work is collected by National Centre for the Performing Arts

1st "Liu Kaiqu Award" International Sculpture Exhibition, WuHu

CHINESE POSE-the Second China Sculpture Exhibition, Wenzhou

Dawning East-China National Academy of Painting's 30th Anniversary Exhibition, Beijing


The 2nd Korea-China Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition

Shui Mu Tsinghua - Tsinghua University Centennial International Campus Sculpture Exhibition

Public Artwork Forest Harmony Awarded Excellence Prize for 2010 National City Sculptor Construction Project


The 1st Korea-China Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition

The 7th National Sports Art Exhibition

The 11th National Art Exhibition

2008 Award Nomination in China Outlook ---the First China Sculpture Exhibition, Xiamen


Design Works Selected for Beijing Olympic Art Dream - 2007 Beijing International City Sculpture Art Show

A Dialogue between the Sculptures and Cities-2007 Shanghai Annual Sculpture Exhibition


Prize winner for design works submitted for public art show in Beijing Olympic Park in 2006

Five design works including "Olympic Times" became prize winners in submission for appraisal for city sculpture for Beijing Olympic Park

Design works selected into "Beijing 2008 Olympic Landscape Sculpture Design Contest"

Design work awarded Excellence Prize in the first International Excellent Sculptures Exhibition of International City Sculpture Year, Zhengzhou, China, and the works were collected by the city government of Zhengzhou


3rd prize for design work made for commemoration sculpture series for 2005 the 7th Asia Art Festival

Design work "We Love Peace" participated in the sculpture tour under the theme of peace and prosperity and collected into art album

Design work awarded Excellence Prize in the sculpture contest under the theme of "Oil – Environment - Man" held by China Artists Association

Participated in the 4th Exposition for New Artists and New Works held in Beijing


Works were selected in "The Spirit of Times" for celebration of the 55th anniversary of the People's Republic of China held in China Art Gallery, and were collected into albums

Participated in the Sculpture Contest in the 3rd China Sculpture Festival

Responsible for the design of the cup for the 1st China Help-the-Poor Program for China Poor Support Fund

"Drum – Series 6" was selected into the 10th National Art Exhibition


Responsible for the design and construction of "Chemical World" to be placed in the square of Shandong Haihua Hi-tech Development Zone

Awarded the 1st Prize in China – Changxing Taihu Pearl City Sculpture Design Contest


Participated in the Sculpture Contest in China Sculpture Festival

Participated in the design and make for Ningbo International Exhibition Center

Participated in 2002 Beijing•China International City Sculpture Contest and was awarded the Prize of Nominee

Participated in 2002 China (Dongyang) International Wood Carving Contest


Awarded Prize of Pingshan Yu Fu

advanced study and training of "Medium and Media" held by the Central Art Institute and the art schools from Paris, France

Responsible for the design, creation of the urban art of the city of Anda


Participated in the construction of the China Millennium Monument, 1:1 enlargement

Invited to participate in the 2000 Taida International Contest of City Sculptures held in Tianjin and awarded the Masterpiece Prize

Participated in the bid for the overall planning of the art of Beijing Xidan Business Street, and awarded the 2nd prize. (1st Prize awarded.) My design was selected as an individual


Selected with "Passion Loess Plateau" for the 9th National Art Exhibition and was collected into album of paintings

Participated in "Beijing October Exhibition of Works of Young Sculptors", and had albums of paintings published

Selected with "Passion Loess Plateau" for "Welcome back Macao – China Art Show"

Participated in "Sculptures Exhibition of 33 Artists from the Central Academy of Arts and Design"

Participated in the design and bid of the China Millennium Monument

Participated in the art exhibition of the postgraduate students of Tsinghua University and awarded the Prize of Excellence

Responsible for the design, make and installation of "Drum" – a large outdoor bronze sculpture – for Tanggu Development Zone, Tianjin

Participated in the Art Show of the young faculty of the Academy of Arts and Design in Tsinghua University

Participated in the 1st Art Show held by the students of the Academy of Arts and Design in Tsinghua University


Awarded the Prize of Excellence in the National Exhibition of Painting and Calligraphy of Young Artists