National united front against Japan

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On February 10, 1937, the Communist Party of China telegraphed the 3rd Session of the 5th Congress of the Kuomintang, proposing to set up a national united front against Japanese invasion with five national policies and four guarantees.

The five national policies were: stop the civil war and unite to fight against Japanese invasion; protect the freedom of speech, gathering and establishment of associations, and release political prisoners; hold conferences to be participated by representatives from all parties in order to join national efforts to save the country; get ready immediately to start fighting against Japanese invaders; and improve people's living standard.

The four guarantees were: terminate the policy of overturning the Kuomintang Administration by force; the name of the Government of Workers and Peasants be changed to the Government of the Special Zone of the Republic of China, and the Red Army changed to National Revolutionary Army; implement democracy in the special zone; and terminate the policy of confiscating landlords' land.