National meeting on the work of women

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On Nov. 20, 1952, the All-China Women's Federation commenced a national meeting on the work of women. It was to relay a directive from the central committee and Chairman Mao. At the congress, Deputy Premier Deng Xiaoping was present and made a political report. ACWF Vice President Deng Yingchao conveyed Chairman Mao's instructions on women's work just before the assembly and gave a presentation on the report of ACWF's international activities.

The meeting also stressed the matter of the implementation of the marriage law. The conference reviewed the last two years' experiences and clarified the future tasks of women's work:

—To programmatically approach women's education and eradicate the remnant ideas from feudal times among women, particularly on ideas of conservatism and dependency.

—To encourage the women's fight for equality of opportunity and treatment.

—To carry out a maternal and child health care system.

—To meet the economic and cultural needs of the country.