National Tourism Administration

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The National Tourism Administration (NTA) (国家旅游局) is the government authority responsible for the development of tourism in China. The NTA is subordinate to the State Council, with its headquarters in Beijing and regional branches in various provinces.


  • Study and formulate policies, guidelines and plans for the development of tourism industry;
  • Draw up administrative rules and regulations for the industry and supervise their implementation;
  • Study and draw up development strategy of the international tourism market;
  • Undertake external publicity of China's overall tourism image and major sales promotion activities;
  • Organize and provide guidance to the development of important tourism products;
  • Offer guidance to market development of offices stationed outside China;
  • Cultivate and improve the domestic tourism market;
  • Study and formulate strategies and methods for developing domestic tourism and guide their implementation.


The administration consists of six departments:

  • General Affairs Office
  • Policy and Regulation Department
  • Tourism Promotion and International Liaison Department
  • Development Planning and Finance Department
  • Quality Standardization Department
  • Labor, Personnel and Education Department.

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