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Nam Co (Lake) lies 240 km away from Lhasa, bordering Damxung County and Palgon County in Nagqu Prefecture. The lake extends 70 km from east to west and 30 km from north to south, with a surface area of 1,920 sq. km. It is the second largest saltwater lake in China as well as the highest saltwater lake in the world. Mani stone mounds can be found everywhere around the lake, as Nam Co is regarded as a holy lake by pious Buddhists. The lake holds appeal to pilgrims from as far as India and Nepal.

Nam Co, meaning “heavenly lake” in Tibetan, it is the highest lake in the world. In the lake are three islets, the largest of which, Tashi, covers about an area of 10 sq. km. It is home to the famous Tashidopoche Monastery.