Nalan Xingde Memorial Hall at Shangzhuang

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Nalan Xingde Memorial Hall at Shangzhuang is built in memory of Nalan Xingde, a great poet and litterateur in Qing Dynasty.

The main body of the hall is a typical Beijing quadrangle. The display is composed of a large number of historical records, pictures, charts, real objects and articles, which give a comprehensive introduction to Nalan Xingde's creation and life experiences as well as the research achievements on Nalan Xingde in the past century. The exhibition is divided into seven parts: Nalan's family, Nalan's life experiences, Nalan's works, Nalan's poems, Nalan's communications, Nalan's footprints at Haidian and northwest of Beijing, and researches on Nalan.

The visitors can see the portrait of Nalan Xingde painted by Yu Zhiding, a famous imperial painter in Qing Dynasty and see the precious treasure in the memorial hall-Nalan Xingde's gravestone with epitaphs.

Nalan Xingde Memorial Hall at Shangzhuang

Further Information:

Address: Shangzhuang Cuihu Water Village, Haidian District, Beijing

Bus Route: Bus No.303, 933 to the stop of Shangzhuang Reservoir, walk west past the Xingtong Training Center.

Opening Hours: 9: 00-16: 00

Admission Fee: 10 Yuan;5 Yuan for students

Tel: 8610-80713599