Mukden Incident

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Japanese armored vehicle invades Shenyang.

The September 18th Incident (九一八事变) refers to seizure of Shenyang on Sept. 18, 1931 by the Japanese aggression, as a step towards their occupation of the entire northeastern china.

On the eve of September 18, 1931, the Guandong Army, a Japanese force stationed in China, detonated explosives that destroyed a section of the railroad close to the Liutiao Lake near the northern suburbs of Shenyang. They placed the blame on the Chinese troops of Beidayang and subsequently proceeded to attack them and the nearby city of Shenyang itself. The ensuing invasion by the Japanese army soon encompassed over 20 cities and their surrounding regions, shocking the world and leading the event to be named the "Mukden Incident," otherwise known as "9/18."