Mount Kunlun

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From the Pamir Plateau to eastern Tibet, from Qinghai to Sichuan, Mount Kunlun ( extends over a wide area, with some 1800 km within the boundaries of Xinjiang. The highest peak in Mount Kunlun is Qogir Peak, the second highest in the world, with an altitude of 8,611 m. The 7719-m-high Kongur Peak, the 7595-m-high Kongurjubek and the 7546-m-high Muztag (Muztagata) are known as the "three giants" of Mount Kunlun. On the east slope of the Pamir Plateau are numerous glaciers, including the 635-sq-km Kongur-Muztag glacier. The glacier on the northern slope is the longest modern glacier in China, at over 40 km long. At the elevation of 5000-5500 m are distributed a total of 36 valley glaciers.

Kunlun Mountains