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On a corner of Shanxi Road (S.) and Yan'an Road (M.) stands a uniquely-featured building, the Moller Mansion. The construction of this unique building is related to the romance in a little girl's dream.

Moller himself was a successful businessman who ran cargo ships along the China coast and up the Yangtze River. Once, it is said, his little daughter dreamed of seeing a very beautiful mansion with turrets and towers. Moller loved his daughter very much, and he decided to realize what his daughter's dreamt. In 1936, just before the Japnese attacked Shanghai, the building was completed.

Now the Hengshan Hotel Group Corporation has obtained control of the building. In 2001 it was turned to a hotel. Another modern building has sprung up by its side. The entire complex includes 106 guest rooms.

The Moller Mansion is astonishingly beautiful. In the garden close to the present hotel's coffee bar stands a statue of a horse. It is well known that Moller was regarded as one of the kings of horseracing in Shanghai. The statue was erected exactly where Moller buried his favorite horse.

Moller Mansion