Mohe County

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Mohe County

Situated at the northern foot of Greater Khingan Mountain, on the southern bank of the upper reach of the Heilongjiang River, Mohe County enjoys the highest latitude in China.(geographical coordinate being 52°10′to 53°33′N, and 121°07′to 124°20′E.)

The Arctic Village, in the jurisdiction of Mohe County, is the only place where Aurora Borealis and Polar Day (24-hour daylight) can be seen. There are many scenic spots such as the river-viewing pavilion as well as “ the Northernmost House in China”, Stele of “North Border Sentry” and “North Pole Stele of the Divine Land” as well. Every year, with the coming of Summer Solstice, the local government will hold grand celebrations here.

Heilongjiang River, the Sino-Russian Boundary River, originates from the Mohe River. It is meandering down with waters glittering, gorgeous and picturesque scenery on both sides. The verdant and exuberant virgin forests sincerely welcome exploring, hunting, and bonfire camping. “Rouge Gully” and “Ancient Gold Road” are full of historic mystery. Many historic sites and artifacts of the Ming and Qing dynasties and theRepublic of China are available everywhere, such as Ancient Battlefield of Yaksa” etc. Transit tour has been opened to the public in recent years, too.