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The so-called "miracle baby" (奇迹宝宝) is a baby boy who was born at the scene of a motorbike crash that killed both his parents in the southeastern Chinese city of Xiamen on March 18, 2014.

The infant's father, surnamed Zhao, 42, and pregnant mother, surnamed Duan, 40, were driving to a hospital in Xiamen to welcome their son to the world, when their motorbike was struck by a truck. The collision instantly killed the couple and catapulted the baby from his mother's womb straight onto the road.

The baby was found five meters from his mother's body. A subsequent medical examination showed that the 4.2kg (9 pound) newborn had received no injuries from the crash aside from a few scrapes.

The baby's miraculous survival has many people across the country offering a helping hand. Charities, including the local Red Cross, have raised 70,000 yuan for the child and volunteers have donated diapers, clothing and milk powder. One volunteer, Chen Mingyu, has prepared two bags of necessities, including a swathe -- a local tradition.

On March 23, the boy was given the name Zhao Ping'an, literally meaning “a blessing for peace and happiness.”

On April 13, the "miracle baby" was discharged from the hospital. He will be raised by his extended family.