Ministry of Supervision

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It is a state organ in charge of law enforcement and supervision. Its main responsibilities include: to exercise unified leadership over the administrative supervisory work, study the administrative supervisory system, stipulate administrative supervisory guidelines, policies and regulations and organize and supervise their implementation; examine problems that the supervised have in observing and implementing state laws, regulations and decisions and orders promulgated by the State Council, investigate issues of universal and tendentious nature and report them to the State Council; handle cases of and reports and charges against the supervised in violating administrative discipline, investigate and deal with the conducts of the supervised in violating administrative discipline; handle appeals of the supervised against disciplinary punishment; decide on the appointment and removal of officials to be stationed in various departments by the ministry, and approve the appointment and removal of officials sent by supervisory organs to provincial level administrative departments; organize and guide the professional training of the staff in the country's administrative supervisory departments.