Ministry of Justice

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Its major functions are to study and formulate policies, guidelines and regulations on judicial administration, compile long- and medium-term work plan and annual work plan and supervise their implementation; provide guidance to and supervise the implementation of criminal punishment, work on reforming criminals and reeducation through labor, and guide the administration of the work of prisons; stipulate plans on legal publicity and popularization of knowledge of law and implement such plans, guide various localities and sectors in doing their work in accordance with law and the publicity of the legal system; guide and supervise the work of lawyers, legal consultants, legal aid, notarization institutions and their notarization activities; lead local judicial administrative organs in managing the work of people's mediators, judicial assistants, grassroots judicial offices and legal service work at the grassroots level; take part in the drafting of laws entrusted by the National People's Congress and the State Council; organize the study of human rights in the judicial field and the participation in the drafting and negotiation of international judicial assistance agreements of the United Nations, be in charge of the implementation of international judicial agreements and conduct intergovernmental legal exchange and cooperation.

The ministry has nine departments: the general affairs office, prison administrative bureau, bureau of reeducation through labor, legal publicity department, lawyer and notarization work guidance department, grassroots work guidance department, law and regulation education department, judicial assistance and eternal affairs department, and finance and equipment department. Besides it also operates a political work department to provide guidance to the building up of the judicial administrative staff rank and the education of judicial administrative officials.