Ministry of Education

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The Ministry of Education.

The Ministry of Education (教育部) is charge of education undertakings and work related to language. Its major functions are: studying and drafting policies and guidelines for educational work, drafting laws and regulations concerning education, putting forward educational reform and development strategies and national plans for the development of educational undertakings, formulating policies for reforming the educational system and the key issues, structures and speed of the development of education, providing guidance and coordinating the implementation of the policies.

The ministry consists of 18 departments (or offices): the general affairs office, research office, development planning department, personnel department, finance department, basic education department, vocational and adult education department, higher education department, ethnic minority education department, teachers training department, education supervision corps office, social science research and ideological and political work department, university student affairs department, science and technology department, physical culture, health and art education department, language application administrative department, language information administrative department, and international cooperation and exchange department.