Ministry of Culture

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A functional department of the State Council in charge of culture and art undertakings, the ministry has such major responsibilities as to study and formulate policies, guidelines and regulations on culture and art and supervise their implementation, study and map out development strategies and plans of cultural undertakings, provide guidance to the reform of the cultural system, take charge of literary and art undertakings, offer guidance to artistic creation, and production, give assistance to representative, demonstrative and experimental artistic forms, take charge of overall management of major national cultural activities, plan and guide the construction of key national cultural facilities, take overall responsibility of administering the cultural market, formulate development plans for the cultural market, manage libraries, and oversee the State Cultural Relics Bureau.

The ministry has ten departments: the general affairs office, policy and regulation department, planning and finance department, personnel department, art department, education, science and technology department, cultural market department, cultural industry department, social cultural department and bureau for external cultural exchanges.