Ministry of Construction

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Its major responsibilities are to study and formulate policies, guidelines, regulations and related development strategies, long- and medium-term plans for and supervise their implementation of, urban planning, village and town planning, engineering construction, urban construction, village and town construction, the construction and building industry, housing and real estate industry, survey and design consulting industry, urban utilities undertakings, and conduct industrial administration; provide guidance to the planning of cities, villages and towns in the country, urban surveying and the surveying for municipal engineering; provide guidance to construction and building activities in the country, standardize the building market, supervise the entry of the building market, engineering bidding, engineering supervision and engineering quality and safety, guide national housing construction and the reform of urban housing system, and undertake administration of housing and real estate industries.

The ministry is made up of 12 departments: the general affairs office, comprehensive finance department, policy and regulation department, science and technology department, standards and quotas department, building administrative department, surveying and design department, urban and rural planning department, urban construction department, housing and real estate industry department, foreign affairs department, personnel and education department.