Miaofeng Mountain

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Miaofeng Mountain (Chinese:妙峰山), with its towering peaks rising majestically to a height of more than 1,300 m, is a major peak in the northern range of the Western Hills in Beijing. Its sheer cliffs, jutting crags and tortuous mountain paths make it one of the most renowned scenic spots in northern China.

Toward the end of the Ming Dynasty, it was the custom to hold temple fairs on Miaofeng Mountain every year during the fourth month of the lunar calendar. Nowadays, there are also thousands of people who traveled great distances to make their pilgrimage to Miaofeng Mountain.

In the Gully to the east of Miaofeng Mountain is Beijing's famous Wild Rose Valley. Each year beginning at the end of May, the slopes of this valley are festooned with countless rose blossoms, which form a forest of brilliant green leaves and braches dotted with pale and dark red roses and perfume the air with a strong lingering scent.