Lou Kau Mansion

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A traditional Chinese courtyard house built in 1889 by Lou Kau, a prominent Chinese merchant, Lou Kau Mansion is located on one of the alleys close to Largo do Senado in Macau.

The two-storey grey-brick structure demonstrates the typical architectural characteristics of Xiguan Chinese residential houses. The façade has a recessed entrance which creates an overhanging eave serving as a shelter during bad weather while at the same time protecting the relief frieze decorations from the elements.

It has a symmetrical layout. Two courtyards separate three main halls (Entrance Hall, Tea Hall and Senior Hall) arranged within an axis, which demonstrates the hierarchical structure of traditional Chinese families.

The ornamentation of the mansion has incorporated Western design, including the neo-classical balustrades and perforated wooden ceilings similar to those on Macau's churches.

Lou Kau Mansion is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.