Li Chengyou

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Li Chengyou

Li Chengyou (李成友) is a 46-year-old cleaner for the Second Team of Beijing Haidian District Sanitation Center. His act of braving torrential rains in order to remove obstacles from ditches and pipes has deeply moved the people.

On July 21, 2012, Beijing experienced the heaviest rainfall of the past 61 years. The torrential rains poured down blotting out both sky and the land. Many roads and streets in the downtown area were instantly flooded. With complete disregard for his own safety, Li jumped into the water to clear out obstacles from sevreal ditches and pipes bare-handed. He continuously cleared out 12 ditches and the nearby road traffic soon went back to normal thanks to his efforts.

Li's deed has deeply moved millions of Chinese netizens. He is described by netizens as the "Smartest Cleaner" with professional responsibility and moral integrity.