Li Boya

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Li Boya

Li Boya (李博亚) is a freshman at the Zhengzhou Railway Police College in Henan Province. He lost his legs to save a passenger intending to commit suicide on July 9, 2012.

About 5:40 p.m. on July 9, seconds before a train arrived, Li saw a man jump onto the tracks. Li jumped off the platform immediately and ran over to pull the man back up there. Despite making an emergency stop, the train ran over both men. The jumper died on site, and Li lost his right foot as well as his left leg below the knee. Li was sent to the Second Hospital of Qinhuangdao in Hebei Province for treatment. Doctors decided to attach his severed left leg to the right stump so he would only need one artificial leg in the future. The 10-hour surgery was successful. Two weeks later, Li has made it through the most critical period in his recovery.

Born in 1992 in Pingdingshan, Henan Province, Li is an only child. His dream was to become a railway policeman. He was doing a summer internship at a local railway station in neighboring Hebei Province when the accident happened.

Li's heroic deed has triggered heated debate among the people. On July 17, the Ministry of Public Security conferred him the title of "Hero of National Public Security Setup."