Laoshan Mountain

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With its highest peak rising 1,133 m above sea level, Laoshan Mountain (崂山) is situated on the southeastern Shangdong peninsula. Facing the Yellow Sea in the east, it is one of China's major scenic resorts and has long been known as the No. 1 Famous Mountain on the Sea. The entire scenic area covers 446 sq. km and boasts 218 places of interest.

Laoshan is a famous Daoist mountain combining both mountainous and coastal scenery. It has a coastline of 87.3 km, with 13 bays and 18 islets close-by. Legend has it that some 2,500 years ago, First Emperor of the Qin Dynasty (221-206BC) came here in search of immortals. So did Emperor Wudi of the Han Dynasty (206 BC-220 AD), giving a mysterious air to Laoshan Mountain.

At the peak of Daoism, there were 17 Daoist palaces and temples as well as 72 nunneries that housed nearly 1,000 Daoist priests and nuns. Now, the Taiqing Palace is the largest Daoist establishment well preserved.

Apart from its unique history and scenery, Laoshan is also known for its spring water that is used to produce the famous Tsingtao beer.