Kong Fansen

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Kong Fansen (孔繁森) (1944-1994) spent two periods working in Tibet; from 1979 to 1981 and from 1988 to 1994. During his time there Kong made major contributions to the reconstruction and development of Tibet and formed close ties with the Tibetan people. In November 1994 he was killed in a traffic accident.

Conditions on the Tibetan Plateau are harsh but Kong Fansen never thought about himself. He lived a simple life, was renowned for his honesty and never using his official position for personal gain. On the contrary, he often spent his own meager salary to help Tibetan orphans or buy medicine for the sick.

In 1988, Kong was appointed deputy mayor of Lhasa. While in Lhasa, he systematically visited all the public schools in the area. After being appointed Communist Party Secretary of the Ngari Prefecture in 1992, he became even busier with Party and government work, carrying out investigations and visiting local people across Tibet. Kong's exemplary efforts to promote development won him the affection and respect of the Tibetan people, and he was singled out as a model for leaders and government functionaries across China.