Jinmao Tower

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Jinmao Tower stands in the world-famous Lujiazui and at the entrance of Yan'an Road (E.) Tunnel. The 88-story skyscraper, 420 m high, ranks first in China and third in the world in height. Shanghai takes great pride in Jinmao Tower, not only for its amazing height, but also for its beautiful structure. It is now symbolic of Shanghai architecture in the 21st century.

Jinmao Tower has two elevators with a speed of 9.1 meters/second, and is able to carry visitors from the basement to the top sightseeing deck in 45 seconds.

Grand Hyatt Shanghai, a world-famed hotel, occupies floors 53-87, and the floors from 52 downward house many high-quality offices.

The Sightseeing Hall on the 88th floor has a total area of 1,512 sq. m, the biggest of its kind in China. It has been rated as 4A scenic spot by the National Tourism Administration.

On the 56th floor there is a bar called “Sky Pavilion”, where tourists can see the famous “Tunnel of Space-Time,” a vertical hollow shaft with a total length of 152 m.

On the 57th floor is an air gymnasium with a swimming pool. Swimming in the air is also a rare treat.