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Jingzhe (惊蛰) reflects the phenological phenomenon. The temperature rises continuously after Jingzhe. The ice on the land has melted, and thunders may be heard for the first time in the year. Hibernating animals and insects are awakened, as the term so named, and start to come up out of cave or earth for activities.


The weather of Jingzhe is still unstable, with sudden coldness and sudden warmness. The average day temperature could be 16ºC-18ºC (60.8 oF-64.4 oF). The first thunderstorm or continuum rain normally appears in this period, which is of course good for the spring planting.

There are some popular sayings about weather forecasts for Jingzhe, such as "If the first thunder comes before Jingzhe, there will be forty-nine cloudy days," "If it is cold on the day of Jingzhe, it will be warm on the day of Chunfen," "If it blows a north wind on Jingzhe, people may have to spend another winter," and "If it blows a south wind, it is better not to plant too early." For people, they should closely watch the changes of the weather and keep warm to prevent from catching a cold.