Jile Monastery

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One of the four largest Buddhist monasteries in northeast China, it was built in 1921. Located in Nangang District, Harbin, it covers an area of 5.7 hectares. It is painted in golden yellow, with the walls being white and red. The monastery consists of a main yard, east yard, and west yard. The major structures in the main yard are the Heavenly King Hallall, the Mahavira Hall and a tower to preserve the scriptures. There are also a bell tower, a drum tower, a seven-storied pagoda, and a pagoda for monks who have passed away. The seven-storied pagoda is a brick-and-stone structure in octagonal shape, a combination of architectural styles of east and west. It was built by a disciple of the forty-fourth generation of Linji Sect, one of the five schools of Zen Buddhism.

Now, there are 80 monks in the monastery.

Jile Monastery, Harbin, Heilongjiang