Human Rights Resolution

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On September 18, 1996, the 96th Inter-Parliamentary Conference decided to draft a resolution regarding "promoting greater respect and protection of human rights in general and in particular for women and children." The proposal submitted by China's National People's Congress delegation was selected as the basis after a majority vote.

The Chinese submittal called for a realization of every person's rights as well as fundamental freedoms, stressing the importance of international cooperation, increased communication for better collective understanding and promotion of the protection of basic human rights with equality and mutual respect.

There was also a push by the Chinese delegation for better formats for negotiations and settling disputes or differences in opinions so that there may be cooperation in working together toward creating an enriching environment that promotes economic growth and the positive development of society for the rights of women and children.

The Chinese delegation's proposal that the current global economic discrepancies were hindering the advancement of realizing the rights and basic freedoms of women and children was also validated and accepted after much heated discussion.

During the proceedings, there were also suggestions for an addition to the resolution, calling for all nations to avoid overusing economic sanctions that would cause negative effects to the citizens of other countries.