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Huanglong Nature Reserve

Located in Songpan County of the Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, the Huanglong scenic area is bestowed with the three international laurels—World Natural Heritage Site, World Biosphere Reserve, and Green Globe 21.

Huanglong is composed of seven scenic sections. Of which, the Five-colored Pools are the best. The pools are shallow with low banks, and water overspills from one into another. From a distance, the pools look like many huge jadeite plates. During daytime the reflections of sun rays turn the crystalline water into different colors. These beautiful pools have earned Huanglong an appellation as the "Celestial Pool on Earth."

Huanglong Monastery at the entrance of the valley is composed of three temples built during the Ming Dynasty. In the Tibetan language, the monastery is also known as the "Golden Sea," "Snow Mountain," and "White Deer" Monastery. A combination of both Tibetan Buddhism and Daoism, it crystallizes the Tibetan and Han Chinese culture. It features gable roofs, painted beams and pillars, and upturned single eaves with crisscross bracket works.