Huang Jiguang

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Huang Jiguang (Chinese: 黄继光)(1931-1952) from Sichuan Province joined the Chinese People's Volunteers Army in March 1951 to fight against the Americans in Korea. He fought bravely and won a third-class merit citation. At the battle of Triangle Hill (or Shangganling as called in Chinese) in October 1952, Huang Jiguang's unit attacked an enemy blockhouse. After hurling his last hand grenade, Huang hurled himself against the machine gun slit, blocking American fire and sacrificing his life. As a result of his heroism, the People's Volunteers Army soldiers overran the position and annihilated two battalions of the enemy.

Huang was posthumously given the title of "Special-Class Hero". The North Korea awarded Huang Jiguang the title of "Hero of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea", a Gold-Star Medal and the Medal of the National Flag, First-Class.