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Chinese film and TV actor Huang Bo.

Huang Bo (黄渤) is a Chinese actor currently active in film and TV circles. His starring role in the 2012 film "Lost in Thailand" was a box-office smash, taking in 1.1 billion yuan (US$176.8 million). This low-budget, domestically produced comedy has unexpectedly become the highest-grossing Chinese film to date.

Huang was born on Aug. 26, 1974 in Qingdao, Shandong Province. His parents were public servants. Huang developed a passionate interest in singing when he was young and participated in many singing contests. After graduation from junior high school, Huang enrolled into a local bookkeeping and accounting school. In his spare-time, he performed in singing and dancing halls.

In 1996, Huang graduated from the Beijing Film Academy, majoring in dubbing. In the following four years, he successively worked as singer, dancer, dubbing actor and even as a manager of a shoemaking factory.

In 2000, Huang was invited to star in the film "Get in, and Go," which was hailed as one of his first career-defining performances. In 2006, he starred in the film "Crazy Stone," which skyrocketed him to fame. He won the Best Actor Award in the 46th Taiwan Golden Horse Film Festival in 2009 for his excellent performance in the film "Cow" and the Best Actor Award in the 17th Beijing College Student Film Festival in 2010.

The following are Huang Bo's major performing achievements from 1998 to 2013:


Get in, and Go 2000

Xin Jie Kou 2006

Crazy Stone 2006

Huang Bo's starring role in the TV drama "A Unique Militiaman."

Big Movie 2007

Big Movie II 2007

Soul of the Ultimate Nation 2007

Hooked on You 2007

Airship 2007

Kung Fu Dunk 2008

A Love Story 2009

Cow 2009

Iron Men 2009

The Stubborn Robot 2009

Happy Life 2009

Crazy Racer 2009

The Story of David 2011

No Man Land 2011

Black and White Episode 2012

Guns and Roses 2012

Design of Death 2012

Lost in Thailand 2012

Huang Bo's starring role in the film "Lost in Thailand."

TV dramas

Professor Tian's 28 nannies 1998

Empress Ma With Great Feet 2001

Talk About Love 2001

The Black Hole 2002

The Migrant Workers 2005

Dead End Heaven 2007

A Unique Militiaman 2012

Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons 2013


Finding Nemo

Pirates of the Caribbean

Green Giant

Who Framed Roger Rabbit


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