Guyi Garden

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In Nanxiang Town, there is a very beautiful garden—Guyi Garden (古漪园), one of the five classical gardens in Shanghai, built during the reign period of Emperor Jiajing (1522-1566) in the Ming Dynasty.

Guyi Garden, with a total area of approximately nine hectares, is divided into six scenic sections in terms of different landscapes, i.e., the Hall of Interest of the Wild, the Goose Playing Pond, the Pine and Crane Garden, the Verdant Green Garden, the Mandarin Duck Lake, and the Nanxiang Wall. Many different breeds of bamboo are planted in the garden, such as purple bamboo, sturdy bamboo, chopstick bamboo, Japanese bamboo, and big bright bamboo.

There are more than 20 halls, pavilions, chambers and verandas in the garden, among which are Mid-lake Pavilion, Lacking-one-Corner Pavilion, the Hall of Interest of the Wild, Fragrant Snow Pavilion, Plum Blossom Hall, and more. Luxuriant flowers and trees are visible almost everywhere. Besides, visitors are sure to be interested in the Nine-zigzag Bridge, Long Corridor, and other scenic spots.