Guodong Village

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Guodong Village is 10 km from Wuyi County in Zhejiang Province and has over 600 years of history. Its entire planning was based on Chinese Feng Shui elements, which are believed to have brought prosperity and peace to the village for centuries. It is an ecological village, where there is a water gap between the entrance of circumvallation, the trees all around the village. There is also a Huilongqiao Bridge and the seven-star well designed according to Taoism. It has many ancestral halls. He ancestral hall is one of the most famous of 20 Ming and Qing dynasty buildings, featuring a magnificent structure and excellent surroundings.

Special features: Feng Shui, He ancestral hall, Baoquan Temple

Admission: 30 yuan

How to get there: 1 Take the fast passenger bus from Hangzhou bus station to Wuyi that runs four times in the day and then change to a minibus to Guodong;

             2. Take the train from Hangzhou city station to Wuyi and then take minibus from Wuyi East Bus Station to Guodong;              

Tips: Since it has a sub-tropical monsoon climate, spring and summer are the best times to see the attractive landscape.