Guo Meimei

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Guo Meimei's microblog on Sina.

Baby Guo Meimei (郭美美), born on June 15,1991, whose real name is Guo Meiling, has stirred national outrage by flaunting her wealth under the identity of general manager of Red Cross Commerce in 2011 on Sina's microblog (weibo), known as China's twitter.

Her showing off sparked wide suspicion as people questioned how a young woman working for a charitable organization could be so wealthy. According to Guo's weibo, she lived in a big villa in Beijing, drove Maserati and possessed a number of Hermes handbags. Her flamboyance affected the credibility of Red Cross Society of China, to which Guo had claimed her company affiliated. Infuriated micro-bloggers threatened to boycott the charitable society because they thought it was riddled with corruptions. Rumors also circulated that Guo was the daughter of Guo Changjiang, vice president of Red Cross Society of China. However, Guo Changjiang denied he had a daughter.

Under a string of inquiries, Guo updated her microblog, saying, her company, responsible for the advertisements of the medical equipments posted on the Red Cross's free ambulances, only had business connection withRed Cross Society of China. However, the piece of weibo was deleted soon.

On June 24, 2011, the Red Cross Society reported Guo's case to police. Two days later, Guo apologized online for her fabricated identity which led to the massive misunderstanding of Red Cross Society of China. also apologized for their careless censorship and verified the identity of Guo, who was an actress and magazine model. On June 30, "Beijing News" reported that the police began an investigation.

However, the scandal did not end. The latest Chinese news reports showed that Guo was the girlfriend of Wang Jun, a much older married man who was the investor of the Red Cross Society of China’s Bo Ai Company and recently resigned from the Board of the Directors. The RCSC Bo Ai was founded in 2008 by Beijing Sheng Hua Jie Advertising & Media Co. Ltd and Wang Ding Marketing Consulting Co. Ltd.. Its business is to build community services station in the name of Red Cross Society of China.

Although Guo denied her company's affiliation to Red Cross Society, Internet users pointed out the existence of the murky group called the Red Cross Commerce, which has ties to the Red Cross. Guo's scandal became a beginning rather than an ending of the exposure of the problems on state-run charity organizations, which are condemned to monopolize the country's philanthropy and lack transparency. After Guo's scandal, the Red Cross Society of China declared plans to stop all commercial activities.

On July 9, 2014, Guo was arrested by the local police in Beijing for online World Cup gambling.

On September 10, 2015, Guo went on trial at a court in Beijing for the charge of illegally running casinos.