Gong Jinghao

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Gong Jinghao (龚景浩 1923-2006)

Gong Jinghao (龚景浩 1923-2006) is a renowned cross-cultural literati, best known for his translation of Chinese classic poems.

Gong was born in the former colonial territory of Shanghai and, as did many Chinese youngsters from moderately wealthy families, attended church school. That same school is now the affiliated middle- and high-school of Soochow University. After graduating, Gong entered the Architecture School of Soochow University.

Upon his graduation from Soochow University, he enrolled in the English School of Beijing Foreign Studies University and went on to become a faculty member of the capital's foreign language school.

In 1974, he was admitted to Harvard University's law school as a visiting reporter. He then became a postgraduate student at the world famous university's Graduate School of Education.

In 1976, he was employed by the Voice of America (VOA) as a writer and commentator for cultural programs. In 1985, he was selected by the World Bank as the official translator for its loaning program in China.

He returned to China with his wife Duan Wenhui in 1991 and dedicated himself to the translation of classic Chinese poems.

One of his translations:


Qing Yu An

[宋] 辛弃疾 [英] 龚景浩

[song] Xin Qiji [translator] Gong Jinghao


At night the east wind blew open a thousand flowering tree.

It blew down stars,

Falling like rain.


Sleek horses and carved coaches lined the road.


Sounds of the melodious vertical flute wafted in the air.

The bright orb shed its light, revolving.

A night of fish and dragons dancing.


Wearing exquisite ornaments and gold-laced willow twigs,

The ladies' giggles and whispers,

Left a trail of dark fragrance.


Looking for that lady in the crowds a thousand times—

Turning suddenly,

I saw her standing where the light were low.

He died in 2006 at the age of 74.