General Administration of Press and Publication

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The GAPP (concurrently the State Copyright Bureau) is a State Council office for overseeing press, publication and copyright management. It mainly shoulders such tasks as to draft laws and regulations on publishing and copyright, study and draw up policies and guidelines concerning the press and publishing industry, formulate standards and important administrative measures in the fields of press and publication and copyright, implement them and supervise their implementation, map out plans for the development of the press and publishing industry, macro-control targets and industrial policies and supervise their implementation, take part in the formulation of economic policies and related economic macro-control measures for the press and publishing industry; examine and approve newly established publishing houses and distribution units, examine and approve audio-video publishing units, electronic publishing and production units, newspaper groups, collective copyright managing bodies and agents involving foreign investment, approve the founding of Sino-foreign joint venture and cooperative enterprises in the press and publishing industry, supervise press and publishing activities and the printing industry; be in charge of copyright work; and take care of the planning and publishing of ancient books and documents.

It is made up of nine departments: the general affairs office, book publishing department, newspapers and journals department, audio-video and electronic publishing department, distribution department, printing industry department, personnel and education department, external cooperation department and copyright department.