Fu Guangming

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Fu Guangming,was born in 1965 in Beijing. Finished high school from Beijing No.4 Middle School in 1982. Graduated from Chinese Departmant,The Branch of Beijing University with first degree in 1986. Graduated from He Nan University with doctorate in Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature in 2005. The doctoral dissertation was The Death of LaoShe and Oral History. Obtained the post-doctorate from Fu Dan University in 2008.The post-doctoral report was A Destiny Choice of Modern Chinese Intellctual From LaoShe. Now is a researcher of National Museum of Modern Chinese Literature, standing vice chief-editor of the magazine Modern Chinese Literature Studies, standing vice-chair and secretary general of China Committee for Literary Museums(CCLM). Published more than 20 books from 1990 including The Death of LaoShe Under The Oral History, A Scholar’s Natural Personality, etc. Published academic dessitations more than 30 pieces. Translations published more than 6 books including Ancient Melodies written by Ling Shuhua which was her autobigraphical fiction and China Watch written by John King Fairbank. Published a variety of literary series and writers’ anthologies chief-edited and edited morn than 100 books.