Dong Roofed Bridge in Diping

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Roofed bridge, also known as "floral bridge," is a typical building of Dong minority. It has long benches on both sides, with a tablet of the matriarchal ancestor enshrined in the central section. It is usually inscribed with the names of donors providing funds to its construction. The most impressive Dong roofed bridge is located in Diping, Liping County. It has been listed by the State Council as a cultural relic under state protection.

The bridge was built in 1894 during the Qing Dynasty. It is 54.6 m long, 5 m wide and 10 m above the water. The central square structure has five stories with eaves. Each of the bridgeheads is a structure with three stories. The three-arch bridge has tiled roofs with side ridges in the shape of pairs of dragons playing with precious balls or pairs of phoenixes facing the sun. The inside walls and columns are painted with murals of historical episodes. All of the pillars, beams, rafters, planks, benches and railings are made of Chinese fir fixed together with mortises and tenons, without using a single nail. The entire bridge is an epitome of the architectural and craftsmanship of the Dong people.

Roofed Bridge in Diping, Guizhou