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Dashu (大暑) reflects the changing of temperature.


It is the hottest period in a year, and the temperature could be over 40℃ (104oF) in most areas of China. During this period, thundershowers often visit in the afternoon, as described in an old saying: "Lightning in the east will not bring rains, while lightning in the west will bring rains in no time."

The Chinese people have regarded the period around Dashu as the hottest days since ancient times. Thus it is called "Sanfu" (Three Hottest Periods) with 10 days in each period.


Old people and children are vulnerable to high temperatures. People must be sure to get enough sleep, not stay in the sun for too long, and keep the room temperature at a proper level. Drinking more water is necessary and important for health, especially during the hot summer. Soup, juice, and even beer also help.

Summer is also the best season to cure diseases that were caused in winter, like chronic bronchitis, emphysema, diarrhea, and rheumatism.