Concert commemorating victims of the Nanjing Massacre

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Groups such as the New York League for Commemorating Victims of the Nanjing Massacre held a Sing for Peace concert on Dec. 7, 1997, in order to commemorate the 300,000 innocent Chinese victims who died 60 years ago during the Nanjing Massacre. It also served as a reminder for people to not forget the history of the event.

The concert was held in New York's famous Carnegie Hall, and more than 300 people performed in the concert. The Chinese Musicians Association Philharmonic Orchestra and Taipei You Sheng Chorus were invited to perform with some overseas Chinese in what expressed the wish of all Chinese people to remember history, protect peace, fight against war and shape a beautiful future. Famous Chinese cantor Xu Xiyi and Chinese-Filipino cantor You Meiwen were in charge of the concert conducting.

Over 2,000 audiences from all over the world listened to the famous music which reflected the spirit of Chinese people revolting against enemies and longing for a beautiful life. Famous composer Jin Xiang wrote a chorus for the concert specifically named "Nanjing Funeral Oration," a narrative about the Nanjing Massacre, and conducted it himself.

The Nanjing Massacre, which occurred on Dec. 13, 1937, is an undisputable truth. The New York concert opened a prologue of activities commemorating the victims who died in the massacre.