Chinese Peasants and Workers Democratic Party

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 The Chinese Peasants and Workers Democratic Party (CPWDP) was founded in 1930 by Mr. Deng Yanda. Among the principal founders and leaders of the Party are Huang Qixiang, Zhang Bojun, Peng Zemin, Ji Fang, Zhou Gucheng, Lu Jiaxi and Jiang Zhenghua. After Chiang Kai-shek and Wang Jingwei successively betrayed the revolution in 1927, Mr. Deng Yanda and other left-wingers of the Kuomintang adhered to the Three Great Policies of alliance with Russia, co-operation with the Communist Party and assistance to the peasants and workers and stood for the establishment of a new revolutionary party in a bid to carry out Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s behests. On August 9, 1930, Mr. Deng Yanda and his comrades established the Provisional Action Committee of the Kuomintang of China (predecessor of China Peasants and Workers’ Democratic Party) in Shanghai and put forward an anti-imperialist and anti-feudal program, launching vigorous anti-Chiang Kai-shek activities. Unfortunately Mr. Deng Yanda was secretly arrested by Chiang Kai-shek in the fierce struggle. Having neither knuckled under to threats nor risen to the bait, he died a martyr. After the September 18 Incident, the Provisional Action Committee put forth the political slogan “Down with Chiang Kai-shek and Resist Japanese Aggression” and participated in staging the Fujian Incident. After suffering setbacks and reviewing experience and lessons, the Provisional Action Committee gradually came to realize that only the Communist Party of China could lead the Chinese revolution to victory. In November 1935, responding to the August 1st Declaration issued by the Communist Party of China, the Provisional Action Committee was renamed Chinese Action Committee for National Liberation while formulating the policy of opposition to Chiang Kai-shek, alliance with the Communist Party and resistance against Japanese aggression, embarking on the road of cooperating with the Communist Party of China in resisting Japanese aggression under the banner of the anti-Japanese national united front proposed by the Communist Party of China. In February 1947, it was renamed Chinese Peasants and Workers Democratic Party. In May 1948, responding to the May 1st slogan put forth by the CPC, the CPWDP participated, together with other democratic parties and personages with no party affiliations, in preparing the establishment of a new political consultative conference, starting to accept the leadership by the Communist Party of China.

In the new historical period, the Chinese Peasants and Workers Democratic Party has resolutely supported the line, principles and policies adopted since the Third Plenary Session of the CPC Eleventh Central Committee, continued to implement and developed its political program and political line of unity and cooperation with the Communist Party of China, carried forward the fine tradition of close cooperation with the Communist Party followed by CPWDP leaders of the older generation. Under the leadership of the CPC Central Committee and the guidance of Deng Xiaoping Theory, the CPWDP has conscientiously performed its functions as a party participating in government and political affairs in compliance with the system of multi-party cooperation and political consultation led by the Communist Party of China, participated in the discussion and administration of state affairs in conjunction with the subject of development by giving full play to its advantages in intellectual resources. Employing their professional expertise and exploiting their advantages in intellectual resources, numerous CPWDP members have initiated public welfare undertakings to serve the people and conducted medical consulting as well as scientific and technological service activities, making active contribution to the endeavor of building socialism.

Currently the CPWDP with a membership of around 100,000 has local organizations in 30 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government across the country, with the exception of Taiwan and Tibet. Jiang Zhenghua is the present CPWDP President.