China Revolutionary Committee of the Kuomintang

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China Revolutionary Committee of the Kuomintang(中国国民党革命委员会)

Officially founded on January 1, 1948, its main constituents at the time were former Kuomintang members for democracy and other patriotic personages. Their political stand was to overthrow the dictatorial rule of the Kuomintang and realize independence, democracy and peace in China.

Its Constitution revised in November 1988 stipulates that its political program at the present stage is to lead all party members, unite patriots living in China and residing abroad in favor of the unification of the motherland to strive for the unification and rejuvenation of China, under the guidance of the basic line for the primary stage of socialism.

Its members come from mainly four areas: those with relations with the Kuomintang, those with relations with people of all walks of life in Taiwan, those dedicated to the unification of the motherland and others. The party mainly draws members from representative people and middle-level and senior intellectuals.

By the end of 1997, the party had a membership of 54,000 and Zhou Tienong (周铁农) is its chairman.