China Revolutionary Army

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On October 5, 1903, Dr. Sun Yat-sen arrived in Honolulu, Hawaii. Shortly afterwards, he spread tens of hundreds of copies of Revolutionary Army to the local overseas Chinese. On November 13 of that year, he made orations three days in a row, stressing the necessity to “overthrow the Manchurian government and establish a republic.” He also called on a general presidential election after the revolution and advocated replacing autocracy with democracy. Dr. Sun reiterated that revolution was the only way to lift China from its current state of misery and hazard.

Later on, Sun Yat-sen also made oration tours to adjacent islands, with thousands of locals hailing his arrival. Seeing a chance for opportunity, Sun set about forming a revolutionary group and named it the China Revolutionary Army. Thousands of local Chinese joined his organization while making donations to Sun's revolutionary fund. Hence, Honolulu started to become another important overseas base for the Chinese revolutionary cause.