China Display Hall of Quaternary Glacier Relics

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China Display Hall of Quaternary Glacier Relics is situated beside the Quaternary glacier site at Moshikou, Shijingshan District. Facing the Yongding River and leaning against the Cuiwei Mountain, it is the world's only display hall of glacier relics.

Inside the hall, you will get access to the basic knowledge about the Quaternary glaciers, the establishment and development of the Quaternary glacier theory initiated by Li Siguang, the application of glacier research in national economic construction and the distribution and the review of China's Quaternary glaciers.

Most of the exhibits are photos and stone samples of glacier relics. The scientific popularization is the display hall's advantage. Influences of weather and environment on man's survival and development, how should man continue the civilization in future ice age, glaciers offer man opportunities in storing energies and pose grave challenges to human civilizations and other specific exhibitions will help us further know about the Quaternary glacier theory.

China Display Hall of Quaternary Glacier Relics

Further Information:

Address: No.28 Modong, Shijingshan District, Beijing Bus Route: Bus No. 336,747,959,992 to the stop of Shougang Xiaoqu;Bus No. 337,354 to the stop of Shijingshan or Bus No.337 to the general station

Opening Hours: 9: 00-17: 00

Nearby Sights: Fahai Temple,Cheng'en Temple

Nearby Restaurants: Tianwaitian,Baixingfang

Admission Fee: RMB 5 Yuan;3 Yuan for students

Tel: 8610-68802585, 8610-88724148