China's Human Rights Situation

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On November 1, 1991, the State Council Information Office published a white paper entitled "China's Human Rights Situation." This document of about 45,000 words includes the foreword and 10 other parts. It mainly described China's basic position and policies on human rights issues, as well as a large number of facts that introduced a fundamental change in China's human rights situation after the founding of the People's Republic of China. All of these contributed to the international community's understanding of the human rights situation in China.

The white paper pointed out that the human rights situation of a country cannot be objectively observed if its relationship with the country's history is cut off and divorced from the country's condition. It also cannot be measured according to a single model or condition of other countries and regions. China's human rights have three notable features: comprehensiveness, fairness and authenticity. Although China has made great achievements in safeguarding and promoting human rights, there are still many areas that require improvements. The acts of continuing to promote the development of human rights and striving to realize the full range of human rights required by China's socialist regime are still the long-term historical goals of the Chinese people and government. (See the full text)