Chen Huacheng

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the portrait of Chen Huacheng

Chen Huacheng (Chinese:陈化成)(1776-1842), native of Tongan, Fujian in the Qing Dynasty, styled Lianfeng. He became naval forces commander of Fujian in 1830 (10th year of the Daoguang reign) and provincial military commander of Jiangnan in 1840. He cast bronze cannons, made gun powder, built batteries, shared weal and woe with soldiers, prepared for the defense of Wusong. In 1842 when British fleet came to attack, he opposed Jiangnan and Jiangxi governor-general Niu Jian's fear of the enemy and seeking of peace, waved the banner to fire shells, hit many British ships. During the hand-to-hand fighting against the British landing forces, he was killed in battle at Western Wusong Battery.