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Changping District of Beijing has agreeable weather because Jundu Mountain like a natural barrier stops all the dust and cold wind for it.

Many princes and princesses of the royal family in Ming and Qing Dynasty have chosen Changping as the place where their tombs were built. In the Changping Museum, you will know aboriginal tribes that depended on natural conditions to live chose this place five thousand years ago, from which you can see the good weather and rich agricultural products. Although five thousand years are only a twinkling to history, you can still look back to history and look forward to the future. After your visit to Changping Museum, you will appreciate the contribution of our ancestors and the bestowment of the nature.

Changping Museum

Further Information:

Address: South of the east Fuxue Road, Changping District, Beijing

Bus Route: Bus 345 (branch) to Dongguan general stop of Changping; 314, 357, 376, 845, 912 to Dongguan stop of Changping

Self-drive Route: From Deshengmen to the north for about 35km along Jingchang high way until Changping District, then to the east until the back of the University of Petroleum

Closing Time: Monday

Nearby Sites: Ming Tomb, China Aeronautic Museum, Tank Museum, Juyongguan, Yinshanta Forestry and Xiaotangshan Hotspring

Admission Fee: RMB 5 Yuan (temporary)

Tel: 8610-69741095